If you know a good combination of trend indicators and oscillators then you have great potential in trading and most of the time you close deals in the black! And today I will trade with pretty cool trend strategy with the use of oscillator by which you can open deals both with the trend and into correction!
My name is Rachel. And right here I show my trading and talk about my best Binary strategy on 2023. If you have any questions about trading on binary options – this video is for you!🤍
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This video is not financial advice as there are certain risks in trading. Think carefully about your plan before becoming a professional trader!

If you want to start earning on binary options and want to change your life – then this channel is for you!💎
⏱️Video Chapters:
00:00 – Setting up indicators, analyzing the strategy and analyzing signals
02:58 – The first deal opened by correction
04:30 – A little about me and my telegram group
05:04 – Trading process
14:49 – Conclusion
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