Tani Forex is an education trading platform. In this video we will discuss about XM.com forex broker Scam of 1000+ dollars with innocent trader in Pakistan . I will show you all proofs in this video including screenshots, voice recordings etc. In the voice note of our client which he has sent , he is telling us about the scam of #xmscambroker with this innocent and poor trader.
His account is only blocked due to just simple reason that he made profit in his account and want to withdraw his profit. but they blocked him. This fraud and cheat broker blocked his account and did not give him his withdrawal. They are use to block all those accounts in which people earn profit and want withdraw. This is very cruel and bad activity which they are doing in this online business.
xm forex trading brokers is fraud, scam and cheater broker.
I just want to ask you all that if any one of you working in XM , do not invest in this broker, get withdrawal from this broker and leave this scam broker and report against them. Because you can be the next who got blocked by this scam broker.
So, stop doing working with this bad and cheat broker.
In this video all information about xm.com scam broker fraud with poor trader and review in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex.
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